Monday, February 28, 2005

Scholarship Advice

This might be late than ever, but it's never to late to fill out a scholarship. This is for the parents & children of The Daily Brew. . .

Don't waste time. If your child is a jounior or senior in highschool its a good idea to look for these. Your child doesn't have to be a perfect student to get one. I've been going around my school and asking whats up with scholarships today compairing to them back in the day. In fact, I found out that there is a difference. Back then scholarships where for the proud accomplish, athletic students, that had the dedication for there school or company.

Here's the change. It's still the same as I said before, but now its mostly about advertising. They will give you a scholarship for anything now-a-days. This means that you can go out write a paper about yourself and BAM! You have a scholarship because of your race. Don't take that statement to seriously though. There are requirements, but don't be afraid to look for the one best for you. (parent or child)

For the children...

Now take the lead and start being responsible. They are only first come first serve and since you are the student of the school you go to. It is more likely that you'll be the first one to hear about scholarships running around. Here's some tips to get started.

1. Talk to teachers or friends. They can give you info about whats hot. (like college fairs)

2. Reseach! Don't be afraid to read a book at your local libarary or go on the internet. It's not like your looking at porn.

3. Talk to your parents about your dicision making. It could show them that your finally growing up. Plus, we all know everyone needs reasurance.

4. Last but not least. Have fun with it.

Well, I hope that I have giving you some good advice. Click on the title named Scholarship Advice for my best pick for scholarship research. Made by the same people who made

Your Neighorhood Gamer,
Kyosuke Hiroshima

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